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What is this website about ?

lundi 1er avril 2013, par Inventio

Error 404 - Democracy Not Found is a website aiming at provoking a public debate about this form of government commonly called democracy. Well, actually about the democratic system that we are looking for and that we are kind of lacking (hence this geek pun about Error 404 pages).

Share your opinion

On the 4th of April, everybody will be invited to post its own answer here to the following questions : In your opinion, what do our *beloved* democratic systems lack of ? How could we upgrade them ? In which ways ?
Do not hesitate to post your answer in your own language. Well, answers written in French or English will surely be easier for us to understand. Anyway, after the 4th of April, all answers will be compiled and a study published.


Would you have any question, please let us know : contact (at) 404democracynotfound.org.

We are afraid, the rest of the website is full of French stuff with no correct English translation. Online translating is your friend...

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